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    Unanswered: Restore Database Issue


    First time posting to the forum. Not an everyday SQL user. I checked the existing posts as well as read the FAQ and hope I have all the required information.

    Environment is:
    MS Windows 2K Advanced Server SP5 (Update Rollup 1 for SP4)
    MS SQL 2K Standard Edition

    I received an error when running a DBCC on a database on a test server. I decided to delete it, recreate it, and then restore from a backup.

    Due to available space issues on the server I had to place the backup db file on the same drive as the mdf and ldf files. Let's call it the D: drive. (I know having mdf and ldf files on the same drive is not recommended but that is not an issue right now. At least I think it isn't).

    A RESTORE FILELIST showed that the backup file is 12.5GB in size while the ldf file is set for 5.5GB. With the 10GB backup file on the same drive I had 19GB free to work with on the D: drive. The combo of the mdf and ldf file sizes leaves 1GB free to work with, which I am sure is not enough.

    So In order to make sure I had enough free space to work with I moved the backup file to an externally attached USB drive, call it Z:. This would give me enough free space on D: to restore the mdf file there. The ldf file would now be restored to another drive (M which has 4GB of free space to work with.

    However, after a good 15 minutes of running the following command:

    FROM DISK = 'Z:\live.bak'
    MOVE 'live_Data' TO 'D:\Data\test.mdf',
    MOVE 'live_Log' TO 'M:\logs\test.ldf'

    I received the following message:

    Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)
    Could not adjust the space allocation for file 'live_Data'.
    RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

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    I don't believe you need to create the database first, in order to restore it. I would do this restore without creating the DB first.

    Also, is autogrowth enabled on the DB you created? Just guessing based on the error message.
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    Thanks for the reply. Yes, auto growth is enabled.

    I will try restoring without first creating. I need to drop the database at this time as it is in the Suspect\Loading state. I'll post my findings soon.

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    Sounds like you do not have enough space on target for .mdf file

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    That was my line of thinking after seeing the error message. I am shrinking the database then backing it up and see what that gets me. The test server I am attempting to restore to is very limited on space as you read I am using an external drive in this effort. I'll post my efforts as soon as they are done. Thanks for your input.

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