SOASYNC - Product Annoucement
by Staff
Soalib Incorporated

Database synchronization in a heterogeneous world is a difficult task when there are various mixtures of databases. Be it legacy systems or modern software, data is precious. There is a continuous requirement to port data from one system to another. Data must be bi-directionally synchronized to keep up with the changing requirements. Each software system have a different requirement and therefore, each database is designed differently. SOASYNC approached the problem five years ago and is presently marketing this product that can do all of the following and much more:

1. Data Synchronization: It enables secure bi-directional synchronization in a multi-database environment. The source and target database may be completely different. The data type can be mapped, that means, you can map VARCHAR to INTEGER type and vice versa. Any runtime transformation is possible. Presently SOASYNC can synchronize data among 25 popular databases.

2. Referential Integrity: Automatic support for referential integrity. If mapping gets tedious, SOASYNC have auto-mapping capability. Even when the two databases are different.

3. Flat files are important too. SOASYNC can read and write directly into the flat file databases like CSV, DBF, Text and Binary files. Any Text and Binary file can be read by SOASYNC once the format of the data is provided using a rule based parser.

4. Databases can be synchronized from the Internet. The SOALIB API enables SOASYNC synchronization services to be called from Mobile Phones, PC Applications, Embedded Systems, and so on. API is available in the following languages: Java/J2ME, C/C++, C# .NET, VB.NET

5. Mixing and Mapping: While flexible mapping can map one-to-one and one-to-many data types, mixing allows many-to-one and many-to-many mapping and custom data operation during transformation. This is one of the most powerful feature during data migration, where the source and target data have to go through transformations. These transformations allow one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many mappings, which are all bi-directional.

6. Database Unionization: If you have a case where your clients have databases from different vendor, but you need to unionize all the data, SOASYNC is the ideal software. Database union is an operation where there is a central database and multiple client databases. By running periodic synchronization with all clients, all the client database's data gets synced with the central database. If this operation is done bi-directionally, then all client database as well as the central database is always at sync.

7. User Friendly GUI: The graphical user interface of SOASYNC is friendly and easy to use. It takes only a few minute to start your first sync. Soalib's support is quick and responsive.

There is a lot more to it in SOASYNC. Database report generation, file backup, etc. are also available in SOASYNC. Find out more about SOASYNC by visiting Soalib website and download free evaluation.

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