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    Unanswered: disadvantages to php

    This is my first thread so please be easy on me. Well basically i have been looking at php both as a scripting language and as an application . I am nearing the end of my investigation and have been looking at the disadvantages . So far the disadvantages i have uncovered are in error handling , security and the consideration by many comapnies that it is free seen as an disadvantage. Can anyone help me on any more or have i covered most of the issues regarding the factor the disadvantages. I just feel there is more to be found.

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    Long time ago, many people said that php is not for large web application. It's better to use JSP, but since PHP 1.5, it has a lot of improvement.

    I don't agree that free is a disadvantage. In my country, PHP is well known, better than JSP dan ASP, which not free. And also, there are a lot of hosting service doesn't give ASP service freely which will make more cost to compnay.

    In my opinion, the disadvantage of PHP is
    - hard to learn (when the first time I learned PHP, JSP is easier)

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    in my books one of the main disadvantages is that its easy to write crap code, so quite often I see a lot of stuff that is a night mare to maintain.

    there were soem doubts over how well PHP scaled.

    but these days you do see some big sites using PHP. so I think soem of its bad reputation has gone by the board.

    Classes & object orientated concepts were introduced in a rush from V4 on. Ive nbot see V6, V5 was better, but not as goods as the competition.

    ultimately it depends what the customer is prepared to pay. if they want cheap websites then PHP is the only option.

    the other disadvantgae of PHP is that it doesn't neccessarily look good on the CV especially if you are going to a microsoft shop.
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    So far the disadvantages i have uncovered are in error handling , security and the consideration by many comapnies that it is free seen as an disadvantage
    Regarding your statement above I would have to disagree in some respects.
    Error handling is adequately available now (as of php5) allowing you to use try/catch exception handling and to override the default error handler to invoke your own methods to tracing back the stack. Also, with Zend Debugger being available for Eclipse it gives us a free way to debug like a normal application.

    In terms of security, it is true that it's easier to write something which is not as secure as, for example, an asp application, but it certainly gives you far more control over what you're doing. I think this thinking has come about because PHP began as a hobbiest scripting language, whereby a lot of inexperienced coders could get to grips with doing something functional. JSP never had that because it required a certain level of expertise to master before you could actually get much done.

    I would say that larger corporations are becoming more aware that PHP is no longer a "noob" language, and with the advent of several frameworks for PHP it's now possible to create larger applications with less effort. There definitely used to be a stereotype for PHP programming being regarded as inferior because it was GPL based (free). But this way of thinking has changed over the last few years as companies realise it's just as powerful as other languages and costs nothing to implement, lowering all aspects of IT infrastructure.

    In respect to it not looking good on a C.V. I would disagree. Programming techniques I believe are transferrable between languages, it's just a case of learning new syntax. The concepts in architecture are almost identical wherever you look now. You may also want to take a look at job salaries for PHP in comparison to ASP/JSP in the last couple of years and you'll see that the gap has narrowed, as developers in both communities are considered to be on a par with each other.

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