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    Unanswered: copying tables with long datatype

    i try to make a copy of a table with long datatype as:
    create table new_name as select * from old_name;
    but i get an ora-00997 error that it can't copy LONG datatype columns.
    so i tried using the copy command
    copy from username/password insert into new_name using select * from old_name;
    but it says that the new_name table doesn't exists.
    does it mean i need to create it and specifying explicitly every column?

    Thank You

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    If possible by any means get rid of the LONG columns and migrate to CLOB

    The LONG datatype has been deprecated since Oracle 8.2

    From the manual at
    "Do not create tables with LONG columns. Use LOB columns (CLOB, NCLOB, BLOB) instead."

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