DB2 V9.5 FP 2a on Redhat Linux

I setup an event monitor to capture deadlocks. I made it to capture to tables and collect deadlock with details history values. I captured 4 deadlocks before I turned the EM off. Now I am trying to interpret the data so I can find the resources that are being locked and the statements that are causing the deadlock. The deadlocks that I captured are id 169,170,171, and 172.

When I look in the stmthist table there are thousands of rows with deadlock_id = 0. What are these and what do they mean?

And how do I determine the resources being locked. The DL_LOCK table makes no sense to me. How do you figure out the order the locks were acquired? What are the on.

Is there any documentation explaining the meaning of the columns of the tables for an event monitor? I cannot seem to find this anywhere.