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    Question Unanswered: Does checkpoint happens when you detach a database?

    I think the answer should be yes, but it is not listed in the Online Book. The books says:

    Activities That Cause a Checkpoint
    Checkpoints occur in the following situations:

    - A CHECKPOINT statement is explicitly executed. A checkpoint occurs in the current database for the connection.
    - A minimally logged operation is performed in the database; for example, a bulk-copy operation is performed on a database that is using the Bulk-Logged recovery model.
    - Database files have been added or removed by using ALTER DATABASE.
    - A change to the simple recovery model as part of the log truncation process that occurs during this operation.
    - An instance of SQL Server is stopped by a SHUTDOWN statement or by stopping the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service. Either will checkpoint each database in the instance of SQL Server.
    - An instance of SQL Server periodically generates automatic checkpoints in each database to reduce the time that the instance would take to recover the database.
    - A database backup is taken.
    - An activity requiring a database shutdown is performed. For example, AUTO_CLOSE is ON and the last user connection to the database is closed, or a database option change is made that requires a restart of the database.
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