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    Unanswered: Pervasive ODBC Connection


    I am using VS2005 for connecting Pervasive Database through ODBC and Its connecting to the Database properly.

    Next same ODBC I am using in our application to connect the database and its connecting But when I am trying to execute the query its giving error "Table Name too Long".

    My Code is:

    string conStr="Dsn=TimberLinePM;dbq=F:\tsgold\Sample TimberLine PM Database;codepage=1252;dictionarymode=0;standardmo de=0;maxcolsupport=255;shortennames=0;databasetype =1";

    OdbcConnection con = new OdbcConnection(conStr);
    string strSql = "select * from property_pmp_property";
    OdbcCommand cmd = new OdbcCommand(strSql, con);
    OdbcDataReader dReader;

    dReader = cmd.ExecuteReader();

    Error comes here when he try to run "ExecuteReader"

    Please help...!!

    With Regards,
    K B Mishra

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    Most PSQL databases only support table names of 20 characters. Only v10 supports the "V2" metadata which supports longer table names.

    The solution to your problem is to reduce the length of your table name.
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    Thanks for your guidance.

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