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    Unanswered: How to become an Oracle DBA


    I'm an Informix DBA for several years and also have complete training in Oracle 9i. I would like to shift from Informix and be a fullpledge Oracle DBA (as market is bigger)...


    1. Where can i find sample problems to resolve? e.g. test cases. like the HR DB during my training..

    2. informative books

    3. complete list of oracle errors + solutions.

    4. Additional trainings online to do some testing.


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    Generally, this is a great and exhausting source:
    Oracle's complete 10g Documentation

    Read through all of that and you're good to go, although it's not tutorials, but rather reference. But it does have all possible info on the version, including a search for error codes etc.

    Other than that, get an OCA/OCP vertification book from Sybex, which is usually a great step-by-step learning source.
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