I am looking for a query/report tool for end-users.

- It should startup with a specific profile.
- It should show processing time of the query build, it would be ideal if it would not execute a query that is considered "to heavy" on the performance.
- It should be able to save the query for re-use.

Problems right now is:
Users use sql-advantage but because of poor programming certain, high ranking, user-account are available. So when they login with that user they may do a lot, also editting in tables. We want to be able to stop this (and the reprogramming is taking too long to wait for) by giving them a tool that only logs on with a pre-set user (hence the profile).
Some users are not to sql-query minded and write queries that may shutdown the system, because the are so poorly build. We are often called that a server is "hung up" by a query and we want to stop this.

Anybody any bright ideas??

Grtz MeJo