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    Unanswered: Last Number

    SELECT Last(Invoices.InvoiceID) AS LastOfInvoiceID
    FROM Invoices
    ORDER BY Last(Invoices.InvoiceID);

    I have this code that updates into a table. What this is meant to do is select the last invoice entered
    into the invoice table and populate it into another table. This works 95% of the time

    But then, for no reason I can see, it gets stuck and populates the table with the same number for new invoices
    entered. And then, for no reason I can see, clears itself and starts populate the table the last invoice number.
    As it should. If I compact and Repair this also clears the problem.

    We are using terminal services and have users logging on from a variety of geographical locations.

    Any ideas?

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    Thanks for your reply to this. I never really found out the reason why it was doing this
    however I have found a soultion by getting the number by a different route. So for completeness
    I have put the coded solution below.


    Dim DB As Database, RS As Recordset
    Dim sInvID As String

    Set DB = CurrentDb
    Set RS = DB.OpenRecordset("Invoices", dbOpenDynaset)


    sInvID = RS!InvoiceID

    ' 'Add transaction details to Invoice_Cost_Allocation table for month reconciliation
    DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO Invoice_Cost_Allocation ( Last_No_Ref, CostID, Accounts_Ref, " _
    & "Accounts_Line_No, Allocated_Value, cUser ) " _
    & "SELECT Last(Invoices.InvoiceID) AS LastOfInvoiceID, " & sInvID & ", " _
    & "'" & sAccRef & "','" & sLineNo & "','" & cValue & " ','" & CurrentUser & "'" _
    & "FROM Invoices;"

    RS.Close: DB.Close

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