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    Unanswered: Index Use for a DPF Table


    I had a query regarding the use of indexes for a DPF table.
    Suppose I have a tableA which is distributed by columnA in a DPF environment. Now If i have a index on Column B and have a query with a filter on Column B. So I see that the db2 optimizer does not use the index on column b.
    So it necessary to have the distribution column in all the indexes for a DPF table ?

    Query: select * from tablea where columnB = <>;



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    No, it is not necessary.

    The question is if you have statistics collected, how big the table is, etc. Maybe your table just has a few rows (on each partition) and going over an index is just slower than doing a table scan. Or maybe the predicate on column B has a very low selectivity so that the index won't help.
    Knut Stolze
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