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    I have an access database which contains around 2 lakh line items with 300 unique id.

    I need to save all the data points of the perticular unique id into seperate excel file each. i.e can say for 300 unique id there will be 300 Excel file.

    I do not if this can be done in Access by any Macro or any thisng else.

    Can any one pls suggest if this can happen in access.


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    is this a one off requirement or is it going to be a regular occurance?

    if its a one off I'd open Excel and run a series of queries to retrieve the data I need.
    if your SQL & office integration skills are good enough you could probably have a single Excel worksheet and extract the data as required.

    if its a regular occurance then I'd write some VBA in Access to 'push' the data into an Excel spreadhseet. there some good stuff int eh code bank for talking to Excel from Access.. I think its by Pootleflump and others
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    Thanks for your suggetion...

    I am not too good in vba, can you pls help in getting this to be done in excel.


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