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    Red face Unanswered: Sybase IQ:How to Kill connection..

    Hi Friends,

    I am new to Sybase IQ. I am working on Sybase IQ 12.6 in Windows platform.
    My Interactive SQL application got hanged and closed through the Task manager while 'Loading Table'.

    I tried to find out the connection with Sp_iqconnection and find out ConnHandle. But even after the executing- drop connection <ConnHandle>, I am not able to Load Table Once again

    [U]Error Description -[/U]
    ASA error - 1000029,
    Sybase error code=21, SQLState="QDA29"
    Error Message -
    'cannot open the requested object in the current transaction. Another User has write access on the transaction'

    Any help please..



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    If you have open interactive SQL in windows and type in the command pane:
    'drop connection <conn id>

    this should work like the ASE's kill <spid> command. To find out what is being executed by the connection, type 'sp_iqcontext <conn id>' . you should see the SQL being run by that connection.

    Any issues using this method will require recycling IQ.

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