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    Unanswered: URGENT!!! I need help with the code


    I am applying for a job and the employer requires me to write a test code before he considers my application. The test will be written in PHP and MySql. I am an amateur programmer. I have been working with PHP and MySql for a couple years to build some simple web sites for my personal use.

    The test is given today through email at 1pm PST and must be completed by 8am PST tomorrow. I don't know how difficult it is. I will do the test myself but I may need some advice from the gurus if I get stuck somewhere along the way. I don't mean to ask you do the test for me, just give me some advice when I need it. I will post some questions today under this topic should I have any, and if you have some free time please bookmark this topic and check in regularly to help.

    I need this job to support my family. If anyone have some free time to help this poor man I greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    dude, reconsider

    your employer will eventually find this thread (both here and anywhere else you post it, and the more sites you post it on, the better the likelihood), and then where will you be?

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    also if you can't pass the test without help then the employer shouldn't be hiring you in the first place.

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    I think if the test is difficult, it will impossible to make it in one day. I will try to help if I can help, but if I can't, I can just say good luck. Hope the best for your family.

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