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    Unanswered: Script to search text inside a file

    Hi guys. I need some help here.
    Is there is a program or a script like a clipboard monitor witch once started will stay in the system task bar and wait for a text to be captured with Ctrl+c, and once the text is memorized to automatically start searching that particular text inside a file witch I previously configured when I started the program, and when the text is found to show it into a small window among the other words in the phrase (some sort of a highlight thing), and with the possibility to search forward and backward in case there are other text matches in that file. The file types I am interested in are the .pdf, .html, or the .doc files,
    Thanks! and sorry for my bad english...

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    not to my knowledge. These are three VERY different document formats, with PDF and DOC files being potentially quite complex.
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