I tried to install IBM Informix Client SDK V3.50.FC3 for HP-UX PA-RISC 11i, 11.23 PI, 64bit, which I have downloaded from software.ibm.com.

After installation , In dir \lib\esql, these libraries have size 0 Kb..
2. libifglx.a
4. libiffgisql.a and a few more.

First, I thought there was some problem with my download and installation, but i downloaded again and installed again, still size of these *.a's remains zero.
I am installing it on HPUX machine with 11.11 version.

I am not able to figure out any reason for this, can any one help me in this regard? is it some problem with installation or with SDK Bits?

I have also checked in previous versions of SDK for Informix, there these librraies seems to have proper size.

Please reply me if you have any clues on this ???