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    Unanswered: Convert a bit to a flag/Boolean

    I am referencing with a MSAccess Query a column in an (SQL) database. This column is of type (bit, not null). From within the Query, how do I convert it to a boolean so that I can compare it to the values True/False. Not too sure but I think the equivalent question is how to convert a data type bit (0/1) to a datatype Boolean (True/False) in MSAccess/VB?

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    Multiply by minus one (-1).

    Just guessing, but I do know that in Access, False is ZERO and True is negative 1 (-1). Since a bit is zero or 1, multiplying it by -1 should make it True/False compatible.
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    I would avoid trying this for now - stick with your original question. I didn't answer as I've not had this problem for over 4 years and have forgotten the precise issues. Converting to Access Boolean is unlikely to yield much.
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