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    Hi ,

    i am trying to write a query but not reaching to the conclusion part. here is the req,,

    i want all the distinct users who logged in 6 months ago and if a user who logged in 6 month before and again he looged in after 6 months( means if a user martin logs in 6 months ago and again logs in some time back may be 1 month back) then the user should not be selected as i want to delete those users who only looged in 6 months ago and not after that.

    kindly help me in doing is part of my query.

    select DISTINCT username from arrfsysauditlog where (datelogged < CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - 180);

    Thanks in advance..

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    You could do:
    select username 
    from arrfsysauditlog 
    group by username
    having max(datelogged) < CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - 180;

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    Thnak You Andrew.

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