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    Unanswered: Oracle 10g (command line)

    After installing oracle 10g on my system i get to use it well, but when later i try to open the command propmt the feedback i get is "the command prompt has been disabled by your administrator" This is happening for the 3rd time. Though the I am able to use the iSQL plus plat form. Please help out

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    What "command prompt" are you referring to? You do not mention your OS, wether you are having problems on a PC or server, and exactly what steps you take to create the problem.

    Please provide more information.

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    Sounds like the Windows message you'd get if the admin / domain admin has disallowed some program via group policy.

    I would advise to get your sys admin to change your privileges, but this kind of security measures are very strict, usually for good reason.

    However, in any case you should always be able to do exactly the same things in isql*plus via a browser that you would want to do via command line.
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