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    any better proxy script?

    Since we are all aware of the rising demands for proxy scripts and concerns about quality.
    This concerns I believe, have however been addressed such that a proxy script on the market with
    phphantom stealth mods to block websense is what I use.

    coupled with the fact that they already have a great link anonymizer to hide links
    and have continued to build and update more proxy related mods including free proxy hosting and plugins.
    It was designed and can be found on three websites including Welcome to phphantom our super spider controler will stop all thise bad bots from entering your web site, and > Worlds Fastest Proxy Script > Download Zelune Proxy!scripts for proxy sites free proxy templates

    This is the best I have found on the market.
    Has anyone else tried it or used another one, lets compare for educational and quality purposes.

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    Good Lord - what a helpful post!
    On the other hand, I wonder what would happen if we compared your IP with the IP for the links?
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noetic
    [...] lets compare for educational and quality and commercial purposes.
    "My brain is just no good at being a relational Database - my relations suck real bad!"

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