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    Unanswered: Subdatasheet, subform, or button? Or Form?

    I am rebuilding our company's database in Access 2007. I have all the proper tables set up and divvied up, and made a form that displays our clients, their contact information, what programs they are signed up for and what they receive, their unique ID key, a place to type in notes for others to read about that account, and how to date what documents we've received from them.

    Now our clients are municipalities, and each municipality has what we call a CRO (Community Related Organization) affiliated with them. I've created a subform that lists out each CRO based on what municipality is displayed in the form.

    What I need to do is also list out each CRO's contact person & contact information out of this subform. I have thought of three possible solutions:

    1) A subdatasheet in the CRO subform that displays the CRO's contact info
    2) Program a button to bring up the CRO's contact info (this button would link with the CRO ID & call up the Contact affiliated with that CRO)
    3) Create a tabbed subform, with the first tab listing out the CROs and the second tab listing out the pertinent contact information for that CRO
    4) Create a new form that lists out CROs & Contacts, just like the Municipality form I already have.

    Now, the problems, in order:

    1) The subform does not display subdatasheets (sds), nor will it allow me to add a subdatasheet to the subform. I've attached these sds' to the Table listing the CROs, and that works great. But no joy in the subform. Is there a way to make this work?
    2) I don't know how to program buttons. I've been able to bring up the 'Find' command, but it really limits what and where I can look. It's very frustrating.
    3) In Design View, I've made the tabs and dropped the controls onto the tab, but then they disappear from view. What's going on? When I switch to Form view, I only see the subform, and no tabs. ??!
    4) This new form lists out ALL contacts. I need this form to list out CROs first (main table?) and then link to the Contact Table and finding like keys, list out contact information. But it's not doing that. What is going on?

    The biggest problem is 4) I'm an Access Newbie. I'm pretty proud of the progress I've made thus far, but I'm stuck here. Please please please, any and all help would be much appreciated, as I've been stuck here for two days and am going nuts.

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    You have a subform for the CRO for the related municipality. Can you just modify that subform to include the contact name etc? If not, you will probably need another subform for it.
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