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    Unanswered: REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server rayhacks failed

    Need Help!!!

    I make a report server:
    C:\DEVSUITEHOME_1\BIN\rwserver server=rayhacks

    I created a form to execute the report to browser

    but I encountered an error

    REP-51002: Bind to Reports Server rayhacks failed

    Below is my code:

    v_show_document VARCHAR2 (2000) := '/reports/rwservlet?';
    v_connect VARCHAR2 (200) := 'userid=epuser/vox@etal';
    v_report_server VARCHAR2 (30) := 'rayhacks';
    v_report_name VARCHAR2(100) := 'annual_summary.rdf';
    v_format VARCHAR2(12) := 'PDF';

    v_show_document := v_show_document
    || v_connect
    -- Report server
    || '&server='
    || v_report_server
    -- Report name
    || '&report='||v_report_name
    -- Reports parameters
    || '&destype=CACHE'
    || '&desformat='||v_format
    || '&paramform=No'
    || '&pCostCenter='||:annual_summary.lbcostcenter

    What should I do to solve this problem?
    Hope for your immediate reply
    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I am sorry to see that GOOGLE is broken for you.
    Results 1 - 10 of about 788 for REP-51002.
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