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    Unanswered: PHP FTP to FTP Script?

    I have two servers, one with full access (Server 1) and another with with limited access with no control panel (Server 2). I'm planning to transfer all my files from server 2 (all I have is an FTP account) to server 1. Is there a php script that could do this? like i'll login on server 2 via web browser then grab all the files on that FTP server then transfer it to my new server? I'm talking about tons of files, I found some scripts but most of them transfer files 1 by 1, I need multiple file transfers. Thanks

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    Well, this is not PHP but if it were me, I'd probably write a shell script on Server 1 to FTP to Server 2. If you want to do it 'on demand' via the web, I think you could write a PHP script on Server 1 to trigger the shell script using PHP's exec() or system().

    Not what you were looking for, but I hope it helps or gives you ideas on how to proceed. --ST

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