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    Question Unanswered: How can we connect an Access Front-End to a Progress 10.1a database via ODBC or ADO?

    Does anyone know how to implement the connection of an Access (VBA application) Front-End to a Progress 10.1a Database?

    We use MSAccess2007 (But could use older versions) with DataDirect Progress ODBC Client

    We can connect to all the SYSPROGRESS tables but the PUB. ones are unaccesible to SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE commands. We can only see it's structure.

    HELP Please!

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    Yes. You need the Pervasive Driver (by Pervasive). Once installed, it will let you connect to Progress backend databases. You'll still use ODBC but you will select Pervasive as the driver. Then all is good and you can link in your Progress databases into MSAccess via the ODBC.

    Look at the websites (google) for Pervasive ODBC drivers that you would purchase.
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