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    Unanswered: When to use the "Recover" command. DB2v9.1

    Thank you in advance. I am researching the Recover command and when it is best to use this command. I have been to IBM's website and found a few things but not what I am really looking for. I am hoping someone in here has used it and has an idea of the best practice of using it i.e. when to use it, when not to etc.


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    If you want to restore an existing database from a backup taken of that database and roll forward to end of logs (not doing a redirected restore), the do a recover.

    A recover will automatically find the last backup file and do the rollforard. DB2 for z/OS has had this for over 20 years (at least at the tablespace level).

    This would most likely be used if the database got corrupted or if a disk drive was bad and then was replaced, and you wanted to restore the database and apply all comitted transactions.
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