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    Unanswered: UDB DB2 V9 fixpack4 AUTOMATIC STORAGE

    I have a UDB DB2 V9 fixpack4 database. It has automatic storage enabled for its tablespaces. Each tablespace has two containers one conatiner per file system.It is using two file systems. Unfortunately 90% of the data is going to one file system and 10% to other file system.

    What can i do to redistribute my tablespace data across these two file systems equally.

    PS: I think DB was created with one automatic storage path initially and then second storage was added.

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    i don't see a rebalance command
    best would be unload table-drop table-reload table
    have you defined different strip set - otherwise ts are auto rebalanced
    see :
    Rebalancing DMS containers
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    koganti, I think one storage path was defined at create database time and new storage path was added later, because DB2 if using automatic storage automatically balance disk space according to defined storage paths. If new storage path is added, then DB2 will not rebalance disk storage, because this would greatly influence performance. DB2 ensures that a rebalance will never take place as part of an auto-resize.

    I think (not 100% sure) the rebalance will be in place if using backup/restore. This can be easily tested. Make a backup and restore database to test computer.

    If I remember correctly "rebalancing DMS container" does not work with automatic storage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grofaty
    If I remember correctly "rebalancing DMS container" does not work with automatic storage.
    Correct: The "rebalance" is triggered by adding/dropping conainers using conventional DMS table spaces.

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