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    Unanswered: How to add fields


    I've been asked by some friends to give some DB help on an Access DB field they have, running on a server 2003 VPS through AT&T.

    They need a few fields added. Through AT&T there is no control panel to the DB, just a place to setup the DSN. There isn't local access to the machine, since it's a VPS through someone else, to run Access on.

    So would someone typically add fields to a DB? With MySQL (Which I"m much more familiar with) I would just load up something like phpmyadmin, or something similar. Or even do it from the CLI..


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    if you don't have direct access the db then you could execute a form which issued DDL to alter tables

    alter myatble
    add mycolumn int

    and run it inside a form with a do cmd.exec
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