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Thread: db for PWs

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    db for PWs

    I am trying to self learn sql and databases by small projects around the office. I want to have a database to keep track of service accounts and passwords for different machines and what user has been given a password to what account on what machine . The data will be:
    machine name
    account name on a machine
    password for a particular account on a specific machine
    and who will have access to a password to a specific account on a specific machine.

    I have 4 tables: user, machine, account, & password. each table has a primary key which is an integer and the data, i.e. machinename, id1. I understand about queries pulling data from each table, but am lost trying to put everything together. For example I want to know that Bill has been given password abc to account admin on machine1.

    Am I on the right path for something like this or are the tables wrong? Any ideas are appreciated..


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    how do you associate a passord with an account? to me password is an attiribute of account (a password cannot exist without an account)

    unless you need to know the history of a password I don't see the point of separating an account from a password.... unless
    1) you need to know what passwords this user has had over time.. say to stop them using the same or similar password in the future.
    2) a user may have multiple accounts all with the same password.

    in what circumstances would a user have multiple accounts. Personally I'd be surprised if they have multiple accounts these days giben the power and flexibility of network servers.

    most areas I come accross these dyas have a single network logon which then grants them access to any network resource they require, from any networked workstation.

    that doesn't mean your scenario is wrong.... it just doesn't gel with how I would expect it to be.
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    Thanks for replying as I am obviously lost on this one. There are multiple accounts per machine that have different levels of access that are not controlled by any network resource {its not even Windows or networked}. History is not important. If I put the PW as an attribute of the account, in the same table, I would still have to somehow connect that info with a machine and who has the PW.

    accountA, PW=123
    accountB, PW=456

    accountA, PW=789
    accountB, PW=012

    accountA, PW=abc
    accountB, PW=def

    Eric has the PW to machineA accountA & machineC accountB
    Stan has the PW to machineB accountA
    Kyle has the PW to machineC accountB

    The query would be Stan, machineB, accountA, the result would be 789
    Again, I appreciate the help and hope I am explaining things wel

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