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    Question Unanswered: I've a file... (my first post)

    I've a file that seems a database but I don't know who can open it. It has extension .ins .
    Do you know what database generated this file?
    Thanks in advance.

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    the only formats I'm aware of for .ins files are:
    • InstallShield install script
    • X-Internet sign-up files
    However, there's no governing authority on file extensions, so, it really could be almost anything. The extension 'ins' MAY be a clue (it's possible that this is an index file of some sort...)

    can you open it with notepad? if so, does there appear to be a structure to the file contents? I've imported quite a few non-documented data files into various databases, but, it's almost always a lot of detective work to uncover any hidden structure to the data.

    ref TechFileFormat. Wotsit had no listing.
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    I've opened the file with an hexadecimal editor, but it hasn't any string and has a very strange size: 799 bytes. It's a file of a group of files and I almost discovered the relations between the others, but this doesn't seem relacted with others (I tried to found some numbers equal but with no results).

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    .ins - (WordPerfect) wp51.ins

    .ins - installation script (1st Reader)

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