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    Question Unanswered: Printing summarized numbers in Reporting Services

    I am new at Reporting Services. I've always used Crystal Reports. I have a textbox in a matrix containing the following expression: =IIF(Sum(Fields!Expr1.Value) > 0, Fields!Expr1.Value,0) where Expr1 is the result of the count(*) funtion in the dataset sql statement. This will print a 0 on the report if there is no value for that particular item. It looks nice, but this makes the subtotals not add up correctly. The subtotal appears to be just the first value > 0 that is found, instead of adding up all the values. If I change the expression to =Sum(Fields!Expr1.Value) the subtotals work, but the report doesn't look as nice. Anyone know what my roadblock might be?

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    =IIF(Sum(Fields!Expr1.Value) > 0, Fields!Expr1.Value,0)
    I don't know if this will work, but you need something in the line of:
    =Sum(IIF(Sum(Fields!Expr1.Value) > 0, Fields!Expr1.Value,0)
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