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    Unanswered: update a column with sequence

    Please help me regarding

    i have a table with 1 million rows

    in that one primary key column is there

    I want to replace the that column with some sequence

    is it possible

    we can drop that primary key

    need to change that column values to the seduence

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    somewhere in dbforums
    Suppose your table with 1 mill col is table A
    table A (col1 primary, col2, col3)

    your new table with sequence
    create table B ( col1 primary generated always as identity (start with 1, increment by 1), col2 , col3)

    now you have a couple of options -

    option 1
    now export your data from table A
    export to tableA.ixf of ixf messages msg.txt select col2, col3 from A

    now import / load this data into table B
    import from tableA.ixf of ixf messages msg.txt insert into B (col2, col3)

    option 2
    insert into B select row_number(), col2, col3 from A

    there are lot many other options available... which will be posted over the due course of time
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    I think you don't need to insert the row_number() as the column is already GENERATED IDENTITY. So you need to INSERT INTO B (col2, col3) (SELECT COL2, COL3 from A).

    And while using LOAD/IMPORT, you need to use "modified by identitymissing" option.

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