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    Unanswered: Access 2007 Linked Table Manager Error -Oracle 10g ODBC Client

    We just upgraded to Vista and Access 2007 from XP/Access 2003. We have also changed from using the Oracle 9i odbc client in XP to the Oracle 10g odbc client in Vista. (Note that we were using the 9i Oracle client against 10g Oracle DBs in XP). I get an "ODBC- Call Failed" error in Linked Table Manager when I attempt to refresh links on an Access 2003 mdb which I have opened in Access 2007. The error occurs 90% of the time although I am occasionally able to successfully refresh links! Creating and testing a new User DSN in ODBC Adminstrator works perfectly every time, but when I try to refresh my Access linked tables to use the new DSN, I (almost always) get the "ODBC- Call Failed" error right after I check-off the table(s) and check-off "always prompt for new location" and click OK. (I never get to the selection of the new DSN). It almost seems that the old DSN needs to be present/functional before it can refresh to the new DSN. (I have already tried creating a new DSN with the same name as the old DSN the table was linked with).

    I am baffled and have wasted days trying to trouble shoot this issue. Thankfully I have two PCs and only one has been upgraded (or should I say downgraded) to Vista/Access 2007/Oracle 10g driver. So I am still able to get work done on my XP PC which has never had this problem.

    Thanks in advance for any help,

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    I would put XP/2003 back if you have that option.
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