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    Unanswered: Odd form behavior after inserting an image

    I have an inventory database that I designed basically to track my collection of model cars. I was able to add a browse button to add/link unique images to each form but every time I add a new image the form jumps back to the first record. The record that I was updating did update with the correct image but for some reason it always jump back to the first record.

    How can I add a new image and remain on the same form?

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    The real question is what is it that is causing the behaviour.

    I suspect there is some code on your button that contains a Requery command. Get rid of it.

    The Requery command that is...
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    Thanks for your help. I tried what you suggested and got rid of the Requery but now I'm receiving a Compile error: Invalid use of property.

    Here's the VB I'm using, it works fine if I leave the Requery. I just want it to stay on the current record if I add or delete images.

    Private Sub cmdAddImage_Click()
    On Error GoTo cmdAddImage_Err
    Dim strFilter As String
    Dim lngflags As Long
    Dim varFileName As Variant

    strFilter = "All Files (*.*)" & vbNullChar & "*.*" _
    & vbNullChar & "All Files (*.*)" & vbNullChar & "*.*"

    lngflags = tscFNPathMustExist Or tscFNFileMustExist _
    Or tscFNHideReadOnly

    varFileName = tsGetFileFromUser( _
    fOpenFile:=True, _
    strFilter:=strFilter, _
    rlngflags:=lngflags, _
    strDialogTitle:="Please choose a file...")

    If IsNull(varFileName) Then
    Me![path2image] = varFileName
    End If

    On Error GoTo 0
    Exit Sub

    MsgBox Err.Description, , "Error: " & Err.Number _
    & " in file"
    Resume cmdAddImage_End
    End Sub

    Function setImagePath()
    Dim strImagePath As String
    On Error GoTo PictureNotAvailable
    strImagePath = Me.path2image
    Me.path2image.Locked = True
    Me.path2image.Enabled = False
    Me.ImageFrame.Picture = strImagePath
    Exit Function
    strImagePath = "G:\DiecastInventory\DB_Images\NoImage.gif"
    Me.ImageFrame.Picture = strImagePath
    End Function

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    If you saved your images according to a unique inveswtory ID or a unique Reference associated with the image you are just reading the image. I use a image ActiveX application but I did have a go in Access 2007 with:

    Function GetPicture()
    Dim FullPath As String
        With CodeContextObject
            FullPath = GetImageDir & .[Image File]
            If Dir([FullPath]) <> Empty Then
                .[ImageControl].Visible = True
                .[ImageControl].Picture = FullPath
                .[ImageControl].Visible = False
            End If
        End With
    End Function

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