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    Database to Database

    I have two huge databases at work that we need to have one feed off the other. I have very little knowledge of how databases work other than a couple of Access classes I took in college.

    The first database has:
    Account Name
    Account Number

    These are not all the fields needed for the second database, but they can be filled in later manually by the user of the database. The purpose of this transfrer of information is to save keystrokes.

    After the initial information is downloaded from database A to Database B, the data entry employee would access the information by entering an account number and then entering the additional information that is needed for the second database.

    I hope I have given the information needed to get help from someon on here.

    Thanks in advance.

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    What database server are you using?
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    I'm not sure I understand what exactly the desired solution should look like.

    Did you want to have a constant connection between the databases to access one indirectly from the other whenever requested?

    Or did you simply want to migrate all necessary data to the second database in one big gulp?
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    Database Transfers

    What I want is for database 1 to feed database 2 information as it is loaded on a real time basis. This is so that if a new account is added in database 1 it would be available to work with on database 2 as soon as it is entered.

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    depending on what db you are using, and how bith db;s are set up you may be able to refer to data in DB1 from DB2.

    you can certaily do thing using MySQL, providing the two db's are n the same physical DB server
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