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    Unanswered: Migration project


    I need help on my Migration project in Oracle.

    This is basically an application upgrade and in order to do so we need to migrate its Oracle 9i database to a new structure on Oracle 10g. So we need to write scripts transferring data from source tables to destination tables. Here we have one source DB (schema) in Oracle 9i (for old application) and we need to migrate its data into Three destination DBs (schemas) in Oracle 10g (for new application).

    Though we have written queries to do so. But I want to know that is there any systematic way doing it and any guidelines which I need to follow. How can I speed up my migration process? what extra measures can I follow? What techniques I can use in my scripts or in whole migration activity.

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    I did not understand what you want to say? yes this link also belongs to me..I am looking help from anywhere....
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