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    Unanswered: Form - Project Summary - Not Updating % based on Project Status - Access 2007

    I apologize if this question has already been answered but I have searched for three days and cannot find an answer (perhaps I'm using the wrong terminology). I am not a very experienced Access user, but I've learned and read enough to be dangerous and create a successful database (my first one by the way).

    I have created a form that lists projects from a table and part of the information listed is the "Status" of the project and the "Probability of Success". I would like the user to be able to select the status and enter a probability of success (10%, 50%, any percent value), but when two specific status options are selected ("Awarded" and "Not Awarded"), the "Probability of Success" should automatically change the user entered value to either 100% or 0%.

    The "Probability of Success" is stored in the same table that has the list of projects and is a text box set to "Number" formatted to "Percent". It needs to remain a numeric value for calculations in other forms and reports.

    Note: I have attempted to create a query that checks the "Status" and will create a column that replaces the "Probability of Success" with 100% or 0% successfully. However, when I bring the query values into the form, the user is restricted from entering a "Probability of Success" value for projects with a different status.

    I appreciate any help I can get with this issue and if any additional information is needed, please let me know.
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    You could start by using some code such as the following for the After Update event of your Status field.

    If [Status] = "Awarded" Then
      [ProbabilityOfSuccess] = 1
    ElseIf [Status] = "Not Awarded" Then
      [ProbabilityOfSuccess] = 0
    End If
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