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    Unanswered: update end date on based on next start date

    I need to update a table of employee info to enter an end date based on the next start date. Example:

    Employee ID Start End
    1 1/1/2002
    1 1/1/2003
    1 1/1/2005
    2 4/14/2001
    2 1/1/2003
    2 1/1/2006
    2 1/1/2008

    the End data should be one day befor the next start date for that employee. I could write a cursor to do it, but I am trying to get away from cursors and learn something new - any ideas?


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    what have you tried so far. Without the cursor that is.
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    Below is the query I ended up using; turns out I was over thinking things.

    select a.tkinit,a.tkeffdate, b.tkeffdate - 1

    from timerate a
    left outer join
    timerate b on
    a.tkinit = b.tkinit
    b.tkeffdate =
    ( SELECT min(c.tkeffdate) FROM timerate AS c
    WHERE a.tkinit = c.tkinit AND a.tkeffdate < c.tkeffdate)

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