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    Unanswered: Non standard db file names

    Hello All.

    I have a legacy system using dozens of pervasive files.
    An example of one of the files is &CUSTOMER.001

    The files are currently being accessed via the BTRIEVE api using
    transactional commands (readfirst, readnext, etc...)

    I want to make enhancements by adding on a new system that
    accesses the files using SQL. I am using the DDF builder to create an OEM
    data store.

    DDF builder generates an error when I try to assign the file to a the CUSTOMER table. DDF bulder does not like the '&' on the front of the file name. If I rename &CUSTOMER.001 to qCUSTOMER.001 I have no problem however in doing so the file is now not compatable with my legacy system.

    Is there a way to get pervasive to accept the '&' as part of the file name?

    Any help is appreciated.


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    I would suggest using a CREATE TABLE statement with a USING clause. This worked for me in a quick test:
    CREATE TABLE customer USING '&customer.001' (f1 char(10))
    Add an IN DICTIONARY clause to prevent the engine from recreating the Btrieve file:
    CREATE TABLE customer IN DICTIONARY USING '&customer.001' (f1 char(10))
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    Thanks Mirtheil. That took care of the problem.

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