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    Unanswered: Digital Signatures

    Today I learned about self signing so I no longer get that annoying options box [linky]. Here's my challenge though. I have customers all over this place I work. I'd rather not go to each workstation and create a certificate and then add it to whatever Access files they work with. If I could I'd prefer to take this signature and sign the applications from my desk and they let them click the "trust all macros from the publisher" box next time they use Access.
    I tried exporting my signature but that went no where. Does anyone have experience signing their Access application and distributing the signatures? Do you have any references on the topic you could point me to?


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    I'd be interested too, but I think you have to pay Microsoft a hell of a lot of money to be able to do it.

    I just dodge Macro Security for Access, or use Trusted Locations / Gruop Policies (A2007).
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    So here is what I found out. I can try to do some screenshots if it would help.
    First, you need to create your signature and sign as in the link in my first post. Any copy of the app that you distribute after that will be signed. If it's on a shared drive it will be signed. When my coworkers open the app, it tells them at it doesn't trust the digital signature. They click on View Certificate and then click (I believe the button said) Install Certificate. Then they accept their way out of the menus and close the app. After that, they no longer have to view the options pane when signing in. Each user, on each computer appears to have to accept the signature.

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