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    Unanswered: Installation Help Needed (Willing to Pay)

    Hi guys,

    I am running Windows Vista and am asking for help installing PostgreSql. I
    need PostgreSql for Holdem Manager (for poker) to run but I am getting a
    weird error when I try and install the program. I tried installing postsql
    8.3 and 8.2.5 but no luck. I keep getting this error when installing
    1.) When installing at Activating the Procedual Language..." error message
    pops up saying that "Failed to connect to the database, Procedual language
    is installed but not activated",
    2.) Then another error...Is the server running on host and
    accepting TCP/IP connections on port 5432?
    I brought this error up with the hold 'em manager support but he said that
    he had never seen it before. He admits that postgresql is not his strong
    suite and suggested I post here. If someone was willing to help I would
    definitely be willing to compensate that person for his effort. I imagine us
    connecting via teamviewer and me turning over the reigns to the postgresql

    I would like to do this as soon as possible and would be willing to pay $100
    to get it totally working. Since I imagine this taking around a half hour
    for an expert I think that is a fair price. Please reply to my email if interested. Look forward to chatting.



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    are you getting the error when you install PostgreSQL, or when you install the Holdem manager application?
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