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    Unanswered: Creating a Questionnaire


    I want to create a questionnaire within Excel that does a number of things. I'd like to be able to do...

    1. For a question, there can be multiple answers the user can select. Is the use of check boxes the best way for the user to select their answers and if so, how do you add multiple check boxes?

    2. Similar to (1) but the user can select only one answer. Are Radio Buttons the best option for this and if so, how do you add 2 or more radio buttons as options for one question?

    3. Based on a Yes/No answer, if the user selects Yes, for example, I'd like more questions to appear (which are previously hidden).
    Is this possible and if so, (i) how do you hide the subsequent questions and (ii) how do you make the subsequent questions appear when the user selects "Yes" as their answer to the original question?

    4. Based on answers to numerous questions, I want to do various calculations and eventually produce a graph depicting the results. What is the best way to collate all the answers needed in the calculation? Would a database be the best option or just another worksheet?

    Can anyone advise on these questions?


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    Question #2 first. Draw a Frame. Add the Radio Buttons to the frame. This makes them an Option group. Only one can be selected at a time.

    # 3: Do it in code. Assign an event to the Yes answer and unhide at will

    # 1: Drag and format the checkboxes. You can also bring in one and copy/paste.

    # 4: I would put on another sheet and do the charts on the answers sheet.

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