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    Unanswered: MKS Toolkit anyone

    Has anyone set up a MS SQL Server 2005 adminstrative infrastructure using MKS toolkit? If so, let me kno what you think of the product. I'm looking to port / modifya lot of very complex UNIX / SYbase maintenance utilties from AIX/ ASE15 to MS Server 2003/SQL Server 2005. MS does not provide the functionality encompassed, and I will be hacking the MS system tables as well to design proprietary fault tolerant processes.

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    The MKS Toolkit provides command line UI and scripting only. It provides sh and most or all of the common command line tools from the *ix environments but it does not change the underlying programming model one iota.

    Before you get too carried away and buy MKS, you might want to investigate Interop Systems and/or the Unix Services offered by Microsoft itself. MKS offers a nicely integrated package, but it isn't cheap and you might be just as satisfied with a free scripting product.

    The SQLCMD utility works well both under sh.exe and cmd.exe and it also works well with most of the MKS tools. Key problem programs for me are tee and sed, and those problems center around the way that pipes are processed.

    Can you fill in some details about what you are trying to do? I've been doing this for many years, and might be able to save you lots of time, effort, and dissatisfaction.


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