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    Question Unanswered: Create a Form with table subform


    First time posting, I'm an Access beginner in need of your guys' help with an Access 2000 problem I'm having.

    I'm trying to create a Form that contains a table subform that, for each record in the main form, allows me to fill a new record in the table subform.

    I have one table called Client, that has Client ID (primary key), Account N, Name, Last Name, Social Security. I also have another table called Products, with Products ID (primary key), Name, N Products bought in 2008, N Products bought in 2009, N Products bought in 2010.

    I've attached a jpeg that shows what I've got, the Client Form, that has the Products table subform visible.
    But right now, when I go through the main form records, the Table subform doesn't move to a new record so that I can fill it, it's always the same one.

    Can you guys help me?
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    It sounds like the subform is not properly linked to the main form. Check the properties of the subform and make sure that the parent/child fields are correct.

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    Don't bother imo. Your table design is flawed. In 2011 what are you going to do? What about 2015?

    Also, your relationships look like a mistake.

    Fix your table design first,... there is no sense building forms until your tables are right.
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