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    Unanswered: A Difficult One...(I Think)

    Hello Everyone,

    OKay, i have a slight task that i need to complete and i dont have enough knowledge of access to put it off.

    As it stands, i have a login dialog form, which uses a table containing member details, where the users select their name, and click "login".

    That works fine, and when the user clicks "Login" the form "Login Home" is opened. The Login Home form has the users Account Information In there.

    I need to know how i can do the following:

    I need to some how "jump" to the same record as was chosen when the user logged in.

    If the user chooses "Derek Jones" and clicks login, i need Derek Jones's record to be displayed when the Login Home form is opened.

    Thanks in advance,

    I am able to upload my database if you need it.

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    You don't want to jump to the record, you want to "filter" for the record. An easy way to do that is by adding the filter criteria to the openform command. Look up openform in Access help for details.

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    Or you could change the "Login Home" form's Record Source SQL to include a WHERE clause that restricts it to only that user. That would be better if you don't want users to hit "Remove Filter" to get to everyone again.

    You'd have to do it with your Login button's code.
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