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    Greetings... are NooB questions appropriate?


    Please excuse and disregard if this message is not appropriate to this forum or forum topic. Otherwise, many thanks.

    Is it possible (or common) to create an active/calculated column that calls in a field in another table, as long as that other table is linked (as a parent) by a primary/foreign key relationship (and as long as those fields are not active)?

    In the same vein, generally, how would I handle this problem: I want to create an active/calculated field whose value is a ratio or index of two other fields that are active. Must that be done with a long computation based on values in the originating, "non-active" fields (a few ascendent generations -- grand parents and great grandparents)?

    Thanks for your labor. rbfree

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    i would say yes

    that is, i think i would, assuming i understood your question

    it is possible, but not that common

    on the other hand, you will find many people who advise not to store calculated data

    for more detailed responses, perhaps you could give a more concrete example? | @rudydotca
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    thank you

    Yes, I've realized that views/queries or scripts are the way to go here. Thank you for your reply.

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