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    Unanswered: Syntax for Control Source

    I seem to be having a brain fart today. Please remind me what the syntax for setting the .ControlSource in code.

    Private Sub ResultsFrame_AfterUpdate()
        On Error GoTo ResultErr
        If IsNull(Me.txtAnsweredBy) Then
            Me.txtAnsweredBy.ControlSource = "AuditReview"."AnsweredBy" '( Does not work)
            Me.txtDocuments.ControlSource = Documents
            Me.txtReviewNumb.ControlSource = ReviewID
            Me.txtAnsweredBy.Value = Environ("UserName")
            Me.AnsweredDate.Value = Format(Now(), "mm/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss")
            Me.txtReviewNumb.Value = KeyVal("ReviewNumb")
            ' Add the ReviewID to the table
             Me.txtReviewNumb.Value = KeyVal("ReviewNumb")
        End If
        Exit Sub
        'do nothing
    End Sub
    I don’t want to set the source until I am ready to use it.

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    I believe you need to set the ControlSource property to a string, so something like:
            Me.txtAnsweredBy.ControlSource = "AuditReview.AnsweredBy"
            Me.txtDocuments.ControlSource = "Documents"
            Me.txtReviewNumb.ControlSource = "ReviewID"
    But then again, I don't know what these things are; are they queries? tables? variables? It makes a difference. Do a help search on the ControlSource property and you'll probably find the info you need.
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    Want to set the value of a TextBox to a Table/Field

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    You can only set the Control Source to that of a field in your form's Record Source, or to an expression. You might want to check out DLookup.

    Do it manually first -- go to the control source you want to set and set it. Once you have it working, you will know what to set it to with code.
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