I just wanted to say hello to all and to thank anyone who helps me up front because sometimes I get involved in something and forget.

I am new to ACCESS (I use 2003 and some 2007) and have been given the task of updating our DB as well as making others as needed, SO I will probably be here often seeking your help. I have read several books which I think can be confusing, youtube videos, Acess INSIDE OUT 2003 AND 2007, so I know about enough to be dangerous to myself.

The reason I ended up with these task is because sometime ago I made a DB (the one I am going to try and update) for our terminal because I was tired of using EXCEL to track 5000+ handlings a year, try and make a usable report out of that mess was a never ending task.

So far all I have had to do is compact and repair (usually once a month) with no cruption so far.