I unload data to file. In the hploader configuration I use:
LOGFILE localHPLLog/SUB${1}.Ulog

I did not have any problems before. During unloading all information from hploader (about processed records) printed to "Ulog" file and records were unloaded successfully.
But now, for some reason, data are unloaded to file, but the information is printed not to "Ulog" file, but to "Urej" file. It seems, that all data files after unloading process are correct.

The "Ulog" file used to be looked like:

SHMBASE 0x000000010a000000
CLIENTNUM 0x0000000049010000
Session ID 76

Unload Database -> <databasename>
Query Name -> <tablename>
Device Array -> <tablename>
Query Mapping -> <tablename>
Query -> <qury_used_for_unloading>
Convert Reject -> localHPLLog/SUB<tabname>.Urej

Database Unload Completed -- Unloaded 992 Records Detected 0 Errors

But now in the "Ulog" file only two records are present:

Mon Feb 2 16:53:52 2009

SHMBASE 0x000000010a000000
CLIENTNUM 0x0000000049010000

Please help me. I have not changed my scripts, that prepare hploader configuration. What could be changed in the IFX server so unloading does not work as I expect?