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    Unanswered: Find out mdb password by App using it?

    Hello everybody,
    I have a tricky problem here. I would like to access an mdb to see the structure and to query it via JDBC. The thing is, its used by an properitary application but we need a kind of batch update which it doesn't support.

    So the db seems password protected and I don't have a password.
    Now the Application is accessing the db without prompting me for a password, is there a way to "sniff" the password? Its not like a network connect to a real db, just the local mdb file...

    Any ideas appreciated,
    greets, frog
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    If you're dealing with linked tables, you can also try deleting/relinking the tables. When you link/refresh tables, there is a "Save Password" option which it sounds like got check/coded somehow. It would then no longer prompt you for a password. If this is the case, you can delete/relink the linked tables and should then get prompted for a password.

    Otherwise if the password is related to the backend/JDBC connection, you'll need to look there to troubleshoot. I will sometimes delete my ODBC DSN file and re-create it in which case you have to supply a password (if required). I'm not sure how it works with JDBC.

    If the mdb is protected via an mdw file (ie. uses MSAccess Security), you can use this utility to view the mdw file logins/passwords. I believe it ONLY works on *.mdw files though.
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