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    Unanswered: data migration from db2 6.1 to db2 9.1

    i need to migrate the datas present in DB2 DataBase 6.1(present in SunOS 5.7) to DB2 9.1(AIX 5.3) ,
    from ibm website it says migration of data between different platform is not possible ,
    plus if you want to migrate a db2 version 7 or earlier , first you have to migrate it to db2 version 8 ,then from db2 8 migrate to db9
    ,so can it possible to simply export the data in IXF file from db2 6.1 and import the same into db2 9.1(seems silly!!!!), or there any tool kits available of data migration ,since all i need is few table data and structure .
    please help me .
    thank you ,

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    if you just want the data and table structures, then have a look at db2look and export/import/load commands. Or you can use db2move which is a combination of the above two (to some extent) .. Have a look at the features of these commands and make use of the ones that suit your needs.


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    thank you very much

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